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Liveliest Places to Shop in Chandigarh

Unlike other tourist a destination of India, Chandigarh is not a city that is steeped in its past but built with a difference.  If you are planning to visit Chandigarh for shopping then you’ll never regret because it attracts tourists from all over the world for its exquisite range of artifacts and handicrafts. Being a modern and planned city, it has some of the well managed shopping arcades with ample parking space. Therefore check out the places to shop in Chandigarh:

Shastri Market

Located at sector 22, it an ideal shopping spot for bargain hunting which is always buzzing with activities. It is favorite hangout spot for college students, tourists and city folks that look for designer stuffs, nightwear and jewelry at rock bottom prices. Here the stocks are seasonal so the hot sellers of the season are skirts, shorts, cotton pajamas and other casual summer wear which are sure to tempt you to book cheap flights to Chandigarh, India. Make sure you check out the popular Gutu Kripa shop for export quality cotton fabrics in all kinds of floral print.

Palika Bazaar

It is at sector 19, and probably one of the busiest markets in Chandigarh where you are sure to find the best salwar kameez, bridal lehengas, dupattas, sherwanis, saris, faux jewelry and designer jewelry at jaw-dropping discounts. It is a multi-storey building to pick some of the best bridal wear and other kinds of designer labels. Not only this, you can also find some of the best discounts on bed linens, pillow covers, sofa covers, crockery items and other household items. This is a friendly place to shop because shopkeepers entertain bargaining bids.

 Sector 7 Market

This Chandigarh market has been ranked as one of the most happening street shopping center in Panchkula which is packed with tourist and locals alike. The entire shopping complex is like a maze with array of shops and roadside stores that sell some of the latest and fashionable winter wear. Get some of the cheapest stuff here like casual and semi-casual clothes that are sold at a price lower than 50 rupees. Other sought after things are shorts, skirts, pajamas, harem pants and tops from 250-2000 rupees. Matching footwear and trendy bags are also available.

City Center, Sector 17 named

It is the most popular shopping arcades of Chandigarh deals and literally you can find anything that is named on your must-shop list. The place has handicraft emporiums but no traditional items are found here that are specifically found in Chandigarh. Actually this market contains an assortment of handicrafts, handloom products that are collected from the neighboring states. Do not forget to check out the traditional tip-turned Punjabi jutis, yummy jams, juices and vibrant dupattas. You’ll be simply not like to move out of this posh market.

 Sector 35

It is one of the newest shopping complexes with upcoming hotels and restaurants. It has some good shops that sell branded stuffs.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hungry in Hyderabad - Must Try These Top 5 Dishes

Hyderabad, which is popular as the Pearl of India is the perfect place for all those tourists who loves the taste of rich Mughal and Nizami cuisine for which the city is famous for. From Hyderabadi biryani to deliciously smoked kebabs and other delicacies, Hyderabad is all set to tease and tickle your taste buds with its surplus tasty dishes.

Cheap Flights to Hyderabad from London though Flightstoindia travel website is the best way to reach the land of Nawabs to try some of the most amazing delicacies which will not only fill your hungry stomach but will fill your heart with a sense of content.
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A Glance at the History of Hyderabad Cuisine Before You Eat
The cuisine of Hyderabad is a legacy of the Nizams of Hyderabad and has a history of more than 400 years. Though there is a heavy influence of Mughal cuisine, the original inspiration behind all those mouth watering dishes is none other than the Nizams who evolved cooking as a form of fine art, putting life to the cooked fantasy that you can taste during your Hyderabad visit with cheap tickets from London, UK.
Ghizaayat was the word previously used for food in Hyderabad where rice, wheat and spices forms the basic condiments of all the tasty dishes that you try in Hyderabad. Usage of red meat is done in high quantity when it comes to eating out in Hyderabad. The taste of the food is yet elevated with specific herbs and garnishing. Even the usage of traditional utensils made of copper, brass and clay utensils adds the extra taste to steal your heart. Book tickets to Hyderabad in order to taste some of the most delicate dishes that you have never tasted before.

5 Popular Hyderabadi Cuisines to Try While in the City
When you visit Tickets to India from London, you must pamper yourself with multiple delicacies that this Indian tourist destination has to offer. Carefully selected are names of 5 most popular dishes of Hyderabad which you can write on your must try list.

Hyderabadi Biryani
Biryani is a highly preferred meal which is prepared by cooking an appropriate mix of rice and meet. There are 2 types of Hyderabadi biryani to match up with the preference of its large fan base.
·         Zafrani Biryani
·         Kachche- gosht ki biryani
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Maghaz Masala or Fried Brain
Originally a Pakistani dish of cow, sheep or goats brain, Maghaz Masala in Hyderabad is mainly prepared from goat’s brain which is stir fried with spices and is treated as one of the most popular dishes preferred by visiting foreign tourists in the city with cheap Hyderabad package tours from Flightstoindia travel website.

Baghara Baingan
Baghara baingan is a special Hyderabadi egg plant curry cooked with special Indian spices. This was originally a cuisine from Tashkent, introduced by the Mughal and is now one of the most popular vegetarian dishes in Hyderabad, India.

Hyderabadi Haleem
Haleem is a dish which is prepared out of wheat and meat carefully cooked together for very thick gravy which is almost like porridge. However this is a seasonal dish which is generally prepared during the month of Ramadan.

Qubani ka Meetha or Apricot Pudding

This delicious pudding is a must try when during your Hyderabad visit with cheap holiday packages from Flights to India. Loose into a mouth watering dessert item topped with ample almond and ice-cream - a true fantasy for all the sweet tooth.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

3 Famous Temples of Orissa with Cheap Flights to Bhubaneshwar

Bhubaneshwar is the capital city of Orissa and is famed all over the world as the Temple City. Cheap tickets to Bhubaneshwar from Flightstoindia travel agents in London will not only open the great opportunities to book cheapest flights to Bhubaneswar but you can also compare and book from several low cost Bhubaneswar tour packages in order to explore the various interesting temples of Orissa showcasing examples of fine work of architecture.
Orissa temples are a huge source of attraction of foreign tourists to the city while visiting India with cheap flights from London Airports. The strong hold of Hinduism on the grounds of Orissa is clear from the presence of more than 10,000 Hindu temples all over the state. It is very evident that region plays a very important role in the inculcation and living of the natives of the land.
The presence of numerous temples draws tourists from different countries for different purposes visiting Orissa with cheap flights to Bhubaneshwar from London.
Discussed below are 3 most visited temples of Orissa that you may visit with cheap flight tickets to India from London.
Jagannath Temple of Puri, Orissa
The Jagannath Temple is situated in Orissa's coastal town, Puri and is dedicated to Hindu Lord Jagannath. The annual Chariot Festival which is held by the temple is also known to attract numerous foreign tourists along with multitudes of domestic visitors giving the place a perfect festive aura.
Three main deities reside inside the holy temple, namely Lord Jagannath along with Balabhadra and the goddess Subhadra. Entry to the temple is decided by the current security force guarding the temple and its premises.

Jagannath Temple of Puri is also considered as one of the 4 Dhams or holy land as believed by Hindu religion. Flightstoindia will provide you with budget tour packages of Orissa where in you can explore such magical temples of this enchanting state in India.
Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneshwar
The Lingaraj Temple is a famous landmark of Bhubaneshwar city which is also the capital city of Orissa state and is connected with cheap flights from London to Bhubaneswar. Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu (Hindu Gods) is also one of the most visited temples in whole of Orissa.
The Lingaraj Temple is the perfect example of Kalinga Architecture on the soils of Orissa. The temple is well surrounded with a compound wall and has 50 other smaller temples inside the complex. Foreign tourists spend days to explore this huge Hindu temple in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa by booking cheap tour packages from best travel agents in London.

Sun Temple in Konark, Orissa
Dedicated to the sun God, the Sun Temple not only holds religious significance but is also an important figure in Indian geography. Also known as the Black Pagoda, a World Heritage Site and also one of seven wonder's of India.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Live Your Desires with Cheap North East India Tour Packages

India is a huge country with uncountable natural wonders. From the ecstatic south to bustling western metros to northern delights and the stretches of sprawling Himalayas in the eastern part of the country: India is the perfect place to cater to all your aesthetic needs with cheap holiday deals.

Flightstoindia's special tour packages for North East India are chosen by numerous foreign tourists for a great time on the hilly drapes of the Great Himalaya range within an easy range. All you need to do is visit the best travel website in order to book your best deal for an exclusive India vacation.  You can also avail special discounts on all inclusive tours.

Discussed in this article are 3 most popular tourist destinations of north east India which you should cover during your India holiday.

Darjeeling: Set your foot on the Queen of Hills

 Darjeeling is one of the first places that you should be visiting during your tour in India. Situated at the foothills of Himalayan range which has been spread wide in the north eastern regions of India, Darjeeling is reachable by cheap flights to Kolkata from London. A connecting flight from Kolkata to Bagdogra will transfer you to the nearest spot reachable on flight.

Foreign visitors typically fancy the famous “toy train ride” to reach the beautiful hill station surrounded with velvety tea plantations overlooking the Kanchenjunga Peaks.
Local sightseeing includes places like Mirik Lake, tea estates, Pashupati Nagar (India-Nepal border), Tiger Hill and Batasia Loop etc.

Kalimpong and Pelling

Situated under the jurisdiction of Darjeeling, Kalimpong is only a few hours’ drive from Darjeeling town through curvy sloped and sudden bends. The journey on road is made worthy by the blessed landscape and enchanting views of the Great Himalayan Range which can be savored best by booking cheap North East India tour packages through Flightstoindia website.

Visit the thonga goma monastery, deolo hill and mangladham etc during a half day tour.
Pelling is also known as the Switzerland of north east India due to the fantastic weather. Adorned with fields of colorful flowers; Pelling Valley is sure to take your breath away. Explore various nurseries to collect sample of exclusive fauna species of the hills.  
Gangtok: Exploring Monasteries, Lakes and Passes
Being the capital city of Sikkim, Gangtok is the perfect base for you to explore the best of hill vacation. The city itself is quite modernized and is sufficed with trendy restaurants and lounge bars for you to relax after your journey to Gangtok.

A full day excursion to Tsomgo Lake & Baba Mandir is must during your north east vacations. This glacial lake is located at a height of 3757 meters and is home to the Brahmini ducks along with many other migratory species of the bird family. Nathu La Pass to Republic of China lies just a few kilometers away from the lake but is an optional tour considering the altitude.

Enchey Monastery, Do Drul Chorten (Stupa), Directorate of Handicrafts & Handloom, Research Institute of Tibetology and MG Road Market place are places that can be covered by a day sightseeing tour due to their nearby location from your hotel room in Gangtok.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 Introduces Cheap Kerala Tour Packages: Perfect Pass to God’s Own Country

Flightstoindia travel website has launched super saver Kerala holiday packages with the view on opening up more prospects for the budget traveler worldwide. Booking the perfect India holidays is now much easier with the efficient and secured services of 

Holding its position as one of the leading brands for booking India vacations from London, UK, Flightstoindia is all set to increase choice options for foreign tourists aspiring to set on an extensive tour of the peninsular country within easy budget. Apart from offering you great offers on your holiday deals we also provide Cheap Flights to India from London.  detailed information on various South Indian vacations along with other travel necessities such a car rental services in India, local sightseeing etc.

Cheapest Price Guarantee for Kerala Holiday Packages

Kerala showcases some of the most spectacular beaches of southern India and is loaded with world class beach-side resorts and fascinating star properties. Not to mention the availability of cheap hotels in Kerala attracting scores of tourists from different fraction of the globe, particularly Europe.

Flightstoindia's introduction of cheap holiday packages for Kerala reveals some of the cheapest price options to cover several tourist destinations included within economic Kerala tours.

Positioned on the Malabar Coast, Kerala is a huge promoter of sustainable eco-tourism and also holds the proud title of being one of the "ten paradises of the world" awarded by National Geographic Traveler.

Discover some of the most ravishing travel deals while planning your next vacation on the land of Gods for a closer view of nature’s bounty. Compare from various Kerala tour options from to select the cheapest rate for your next vacation in India.

Spending a Spectacular Week in God’s Own Country has developed exclusive Kerala tour packages for you to comfortably explore the numerous wonders of God's Own Country. Find most amazing Kerala holidays which can be easily covered within your fixed budget for India holiday.

Discussed below is a brief summary of our Kerala tour itinerary. It is advised to choose for the latest travel deals during your seven day visit to the jewel in South India.

Your journey starts with you arriving at the Kochi International Airport by cheap flights to India. You will be assisted and taken to the best hotels in Kochi where you can relax and get rid of any jet lags. This rest is much needed for the extensive tour of Kerala that you will be starting from the very next morning with a half day tour of local attractions of Kochi.

Your actual tour of Kerala starts from day 3 when you start travelling on different picturesque tourist destinations of Kerala. Set on a relishing journey to Kumarakom, Thekkady, Alleppey, and the wonderful seaside spot Kovalam for the next four days browsing through scenic wonders and mesmerizing landscapes. An overnight stay at Kovalam will give you the best time for beachside relaxation loaded with tremendous fun before you start to pack your bags to set for Trivandrum for your international flights on your last day.

This fascinating Kerala tour package customized by Flightstoindia’s experienced professionals in the field of travel industry is sure to steal your heart. Use the option of easy online booking and payments to save on your time and cost. Considering its economic pricing by us, it will also be a good idea to gift an extravagant tour of Kerala to your dear ones during any special occasion such as wedding.

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